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Illustrated Caption "NFTs"

"Freaks & Geeks" -
on coming soon-ish

For multiple months of 2022 I have been working on a huge PFP (profile picture) NFT project for which I created countless traits for characters (that then can be generated automatically) and worked on trailers, promo gifs and artworks. It is all about eccentric characters identifying as either "freaks" or "geeks" (or both) and building friendships with each other or little companions. That's why each of the PFPs has a main and a secondary character in it. 

Even though the project is not yet published I got the permission to already share a small selection of the work I did. 

Animation of a black girl with pink heart-shaped glasses being in love and falling out of love when lifting the glasses.
Animation of a boy holding a jar with fireflies.

Bodoggo NFTs - animations for the project's Giphy account 

The team from the Bodoggo NFT project asked me to animate their characters so that people can interact with them via Giphy. See the Bodoggo project here and their Giphy page here

"The Golden Duck" -
Cricket NFT collection 

"DeFi The Game" is a team of people combining their two passions: Crypto and Cricket. That is why they asked me to design artworks for a cricket themed NFT collection on that then sold out quickly. The artworks are all related to fun cricket terms, including "Fly slip", "Cow Corner" and "Silly Point". See the whole project here. Art direction: Kasey Cummings


My NFTs for sale

Most of my NFTs have already been sold but the ones listed below can still be purchased on Some others are available on secondary market.

Animation of a crowd of melting cartoon people.
Animation of sexy fruits as characters.
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