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Illustrated Caption "Editorial Illus"

ZEIT Studienführer

Whole magazine

I had the pleasure to illustrate more than 50 illustrations for "ZEIT Studienführer" which is a magazine that helps high school graduates to figure out everything surrounding universities. It was a huge project and multiple months of work and I am happy how everything came together. 

Multiple different illustrations in pink colors are being shown in a looped animation.
Multiple different illustrations in blue colors are being shown in a looped animation.
Multiple different illustrations in green colors are being shown in a looped animation.

Psychologie Heute

"Relationship with Smartphones"

This article is about our deep, intimate love-hate relationship with our smartphones, how we fall asleep with them, and how they have become an extension of our bodies. It also discusses the beginnings of technology and the first iPhone.

"The joy of cleaning"

These illustrations depict how cleaning can give you a sense of control and joy.


The article explores the therapeutic and freeing aspects of nudism. It goes without saying that I had a lot of fun illustrating this cheeky topic!

Digital illustration of a chef without clothes wearing a chef's hat and and cooking an egg sunny side up.
Digital illustration of everyday people being inside a subway naked and acting as if everything was normal.
Digital illustration of 3 nude people practicing nude yoga.

wIRED Magazine

"Miniature board games"

I had the honor of designing the cover image for a WIRED article about the rise of Liliputian board games and Redwall nostalgia. I wanted to create a fun but mystical little world where a lemonade can become a camping trailer, and marshmallows seem oversized and extra fluffy. Read the full article here.

A screenshot of the WIRED website and an online article about Lilliputian board gaming, featuring an illustration of a wizard squirrel and mice playing cards in a dark forest.

Neue Narrative Magazin

"Reframing Selfcare"

These illustrations for Neue Narrative Magazin, which is a magazine all about New Work, show how self-care requires time, money, and effort. It can be considered a privilege that not everyone has access to. It also reminded me of a quote I recently read: "The problem with self-care is that you have to do it yourself."


This illustration was for an article about building sustainable and meaningful connections on the internet and treating it just like a community garden colony.

Digital illustration of hidden objects garden with people gardening, working or relaxing.

EMOTION Magazin 

"Flirt Coach"

The author of this article dared a self-experiment: she got herself back into the dating jungle and hired a "flirt coach" which got her into interesting situations. 

Illustration of a laundromat with a woman tipping a man that is kneeing on the floor on the shoulder.

Brigitte WOMAN


I illustrated a monthly series about health advice for women in their menopause. Topics included choosing a healthy and specific diet, the healing plant Alchemill, mood swings in the office and hair loss.