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Hand-drawn lettereing with the caption for "art for brands".


I got commissioned for the social media appearance of the iconic Malibu-based seafood beachfront restaurant "Broad Street Oysters" which serves delicious Lobster Rolls. I worked on it while it was constantly raining in Berlin, and it made me dream of a place with sunshine, palm trees, and getting fancy seafood in a sandwich.

Hand-drawn frame-by-frame 2D animation of a man with long hair and beard eating lobster roll, oyster with lemon and a shrimp cocktail. The clothes are changing with animation.
Hand-drawn frame-by-frame 2D animation of a man with long hair and beard holding a beer and sitting on a jet ski with a flag with the logo of a seafood reastaurant on it.


During the Corona lockdowns, the famous museum "Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt" wanted to dig deeper into the question of what it means to be "creative." For that reason, they started a podcast series where they invited experts in the field of creativity, tackling the questions: "What does creativity mean? How does creativity impact our mood? How does creativity develop in the brain? Can machines be creative?" I had the pleasure of illustrating the cover images of each episode.

Screenshot of a the SCHIRN MAG website with a big caption and the illustration of a woman spraying with a cream spray can to make art.
Screenshot of a spotify playlist showing all 4 episodes of the talking creativity podcast.
Screenshot of an instagram story with a caption "Können Maschinen kreativ sein?" and the picture of an illustration with computers and drawing robot.


Sloggi is an underwear brand that focuses on comfort and body positivity. For their social media presence, they asked me to capture that feeling in quirky illustrations. The concepts for the illustrations were mostly written by "Stan Studio" agency.

Character design sketches of Sloggi bra.
Character design sketches of Sloggi underwear.
A screenshot of the Sloggi social media account with a lot of model photos and illustrations.


For their 100-year celebration, I had the honor of completely illustrating and animating a whole commercial video for Wodka Gorbatschow from scratch, highlighting their impressive brand history and founding story. Storyboard and art direction were by Kastner Agentur. Sound design was by Christoph von Chamier.

Line animation of a Wodka Gorbatschow bottle is being put into ice cubes and a dove is flying and transforms into the logo.
Hand-drawn line animation of a party scene with a DJ and people dancing.
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