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"Niesen Gallery" by Gif Museum

I took part in a collaborative GIF NFT exhibition about swiss mountain "Niesen". The NFTs got auctioned online and the GIFs also got displayed in physical screens in an exhibition in Switzerland. I decided to include a very obvious german pun into the animation. 


"HÆNDZ" NFT collab by "Yippiehey"

I had the pleasure to collaborate with 3D-illustration legend Yippiehey aka Jacob Eisinger on a NFT collection alongside other well renowned artists including Lisa Odette, "Foreal", Andi Meier & "Looping Lovers". See the whole project here (28).gif (29).gif

"Illustration Clash"
with Basuramor 

"Basuramor" is a Berlin based cartoonist whose stories mostly take place in the streets of Kreuzberg, Berlin. Since this is my own neighborhood as well and I love eccentric, fun characters I was delighted to collaborate with him in this "Illustration Clash" where we created a table tennis match. He collaborated with different illustrators on images like this. Check out his instagram account for more here

Graffoti_Tischtennis 2.jpg

"In the Pit 3"
by Scorpion Dagger

I was particularly happy to take part in this collaboration by Scorpion Dagger and co-create this dark but very fun gothic concert featuring the most quirky characters. Other artists participating were Bjorn Calleja, Tyson Bodnarchuk & James Braithwaite.


"Let's Collab"
with Annika Metz

In the first Corona lockdowns my former agency wanted to bring their illustrators closer together and create something uplifting and fun. I collaborated with Annika Metz on these cheerful illustrated postcards.

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