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Illustrated caption "Collabs"

"Crazy Plant Lady" Mural
"Happy Go Lucky Hostel" project

In July 2023, 17 artists came together in Charlottenburg, Berlin to paint the staircase walls of legendary hostel "Happy Go Lucky Hearts". The results were a wide range of wonderful different styles. The character on my wall is inspired by the typical Berlin girl who makes buying plants their personalty - which I totally support!

A mural of a girl kissing a carnivorous plant.
A woman is painting a mural of a girl and plants.
Group photo in front of a colorful building.

"Niesen Gallery" by Gif Museum

I took part in a collaborative GIF NFT exhibition about swiss mountain "Niesen". The NFTs got auctioned online and the GIFs also got displayed in physical screens in an exhibition in Switzerland. I decided to include a very obvious german pun into the animation. 

Photo of news paper with cartoon mountain on the cover.
Frame-by-frame animation of cartoon mountain "Niesen" sneezing and a paper boat floating in the foreground.

"HÆNDZ" NFT collab by "Yippiehey"

I had the pleasure to collaborate with 3D-illustration legend Yippiehey aka Jacob Eisinger on a NFT collection alongside other well renowned artists including Lisa Odette, "Foreal", Andi Meier & "Looping Lovers". See the whole project here

Frame-by-frame animation of a cartoon hand doing the "okay" sign, spinning and a rainbow floating through the hole in the fingers.
3D render animation of spinning hand doing the "okay" sign.

"Illustration Clash"
with Basuramor 

"Basuramor" is a Berlin based cartoonist whose stories mostly take place in the streets of Kreuzberg, Berlin. Since this is my own neighborhood as well and I love eccentric, fun characters I was delighted to collaborate with him in this "Illustration Clash" where we created a table tennis match. He collaborated with different illustrators on images like this. Check out his instagram account for more here

Mixed-media illustration of drawin characters in different styles playing table tennis.

"In the Pit 3"
by Scorpion Dagger

I was particularly happy to take part in this collaboration by Scorpion Dagger and co-create this dark but very fun gothic concert featuring the most quirky characters. Other artists participating were Bjorn Calleja, Tyson Bodnarchuk & James Braithwaite.

Animation of cartoon goth girl playing e-guitar.

"Let's Collab"
with Annika Metz

In the first Corona lockdowns my former agency wanted to bring their illustrators closer together and create something uplifting and fun. I collaborated with Annika Metz on these cheerful illustrated postcards.

Illustration in two different styles of two girls in a bed room and bath room having a phone call with each other.
Illustration in two different style of a girl with a bird on her shoulder and spaghetti hair and a Marie Antoinette character eating the hair with ketchup.
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