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October Challenge

In October 2021, I joined the "Inktober" inspired challenge by @furrylittlepeach and used her prompt list as inspiration for quick animations. Although I didn't make one for every day of the month, I managed to put together a cute series.

Twisted Food

I created a series of fun, cheeky, and short animations, all of which are food-related and reveal surprising outcomes.

Crowdy Days

In late 2021/early 2022, crowded spaces seemed both threatening and desirable at the same time, so I found it an interesting topic to explore. I captured the sensation of being confronted with crowds again and played with the dynamics and moods that they can create. I focused on the combination of abstract movements and figurative illustrations and characters, leading to some kind of rhythmic but subtle choreography. Each animation shows a different topic, and the characters are in a different relationship to each other. 

Animated Portraits

With this project, I wanted to reinterpret friendship and relationships. I asked myself, "What would it look like if a human and an animal had a very special bond?" I came up with quirky characters that are clearly connected to their pets in specific, playful, and visual ways. It's about being bold and eccentric and building unexpected relationships. "Creative Boom" featured this project and wrote an article about it, make sure to read it here.

Autumn Bliss

Usually, I am such a summer person, but when autumn 2020 approached, I became obsessed with the warm fall colors, pumpkin soup, hot chocolate, and the overall calming and cuddly vibe. So, of course, I decided to channel this obsession into animations.

Marshmallow Sky Subliminals

In late 2022, I decided to start a project that isn't centered around animation and illustration, but instead focuses on a different interest of mine: manifestation, spirituality, and the power of the subconscious mind. I opened a YouTube channel for which I created subliminal audios. Subliminal messages are delivered below the threshold of conscious perception. They bypass your conscious mind and are designed to influence your subconscious beliefs and behaviors. By using subliminal messages, we can tap into this powerful resource to manifest our desired outcomes. I realized that running this channel didn't give me as much pleasure as creating art, so I stopped working on it. But because I like the design I made for it, it is featured here on my portfolio website. You can visit the channel here.

Happy & Insane - animated sticker pack

This project was an experiment on what would happen if I didn't think too much about the concept, but just created whatever image comes to mind (cloud, roller skates, beer bottle, etc.) and focused on the pleasure of creating. I was surprised and pleased with the outcome. (18).gif (2).gif
Insane-lava-website.gif (20).gif (21).gif (3).gif