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Animation of blooming flower, a bee drinking a soda is sitting inside.
Illustrated caption "Art for brands"
Animation of a green frog that is moving like jelly.
Illustrated caption "Gifs"
Animation of a hand making a hand gesture and a rainbow floating through it.
Illustrated caption "Collabs"
Animation of a black girl in love looking through pink sunglasses, falling out of love when lifting the glasses.
Illustrated caption "NFTs"
Acrylic painting of a labyrinth of panel buildings and a pink blob with face in the middle.
Illustrated caption "Paintings"

Hi! I am Shenja Tatschke, an illustrator specialized in bringing joy, color and creativity to every project!

Animation of a dancing banana character.
Animation of a juice box with normal packaging that see through that you can see a diver using the straw as a snorkel.
Illustrated caption "Passion Projects"
Illustrated caption "Clients"
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Wodka Gorbatschow Logo
Wired logo
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Schirn Kunsthalle logo
Die Zeit logo
Brigitte logo

... and much more!

Illustration of a girl wearing sun glasses sitting on a inflatable pink flamingo that is also wearing sunglasses.
Illustrated caption "Editorial Illus"
Animation of line-art wodka bottle is put into a pile of ice cubes, a dove is flying into the logo.
Illustrated caption "Short Films"
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